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Team Development Workshop

Kickstart a level-up for your team with our powerful workshop and you will

  • Identify the hidden costs of your current team dynamic to unlock your business’s true potential 

  • Walk away empowered with an accurate view of yourself and your team 

Get Started transforming your team

Purchase your Team Development Workshop and we'll reach out to get started with a planning call!

We look forward to working with you!

Wondering if team dynamics and leadership development is for you? Try it out with this workshop!

  • 2 hour workshop with your team
    (up to 12 people)

  • Includes a pre & post planning call
    (1-3 people)

  • Have a larger team? Contact us for a custom quote

Who is this for?

Family Businesses

Owning and running a profitable business with family can feel like planning out a family road trip where everyone wants to drive and be in charge of navigation. We help you grow into an intentional dynamic with clear goals and plans to support them.

Owner Operators

Whether you’re out in the field or sitting behind a desk, if you’re ready to stop babysitting your team and start growing leaders (so you can finally take a day off!), we’ll help you get there!


Leading your own team within a larger organization requires finesse and cohesion; think of us as your team's alignment chiropractor, helping you lead with your own flavor of awesome. 

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