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Our Founders

Christine Hernandez Headshot

Christine Hernandez

​As a business owner, consultant, and leadership coach her commitment to expanding people’s potential is unparalleled. Over the years, Christine has owned and built 3 multigenerational companies where she created strong sustainable businesses, teams, and cultures. Now she’s passionate about working with founders and business owners who are experiencing team dynamic challenges to discover their Vision, Mission, and Core Values so they can better communicate with their team and integrate what matters most to them into their business and team culture.

Taylor Thomas

​Taylor believes in the power of business to be transformative in the lives of both the team and clients involved. As a young entrepreneur, Taylor co-founded a technology company in his early 20s and went on to found Thomas Endurance Coaching (TEC) which today is one of the most well-respected coaching groups in the world. Taylor believes that building scalable and tech-focused companies doesn't have to come at the expense of the impact that the company has on its customers and its team. Taylor's skills as a coach have earned him a spot on the Top 20 List at the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry. Taylor's commitment to this work can be seen not only in his work as the head of Business Development at TEC, but also in his podcast, writing, and speaking. 

Taylor Thomas Headshot
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