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Where Impact Meets Experience

Experience First

We've partnered with First Bourn to provide a unique retreat experience that's truly world-class. The retreat facility sits atop the historical Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina setting the stage for a memorable and transformative opportunity for all attendees. ​

This private retreat facility is one of a kind. With our proprietary mindset methodology, we've empowered thousands of leaders to create their impact. You'll receive a curated experience that will change your perspective both mentally and physically.


This isn't your typical leadership training. This is your chance to better understand your passions and start living out your impact in the world! 

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You're in Good Hands

This all-inclusive experience gives you the freedom, space, and clarity to finally focus on the things that matter most to you. ​

Our retreats are designed to provide a break from the noise of your everyday life and create an intentional atmosphere where you can focus on getting clear on what it is you want most in life and how you're going to carry it out in the world. 

Once you arrive we'll take care of the rest. Each day will be built around intentional movement practices allowing you to connect to your body and mind, along with facilitated teaching from both Impact Initiative founders. 

Our passion is helping people gain the clarity, skills, and confidence to live impactful lives. Join us! 

Who Is This For?

This retreat is for leaders who...​

  • Are ready to step up and take ownership of their lives, 

  • Are excited to create a "new norm" for their lives.

  • Are emotionally available to see what is really going on.

  • Are motivated to do "the work" required to change their lives.

  • Are open-minded and excited to go deep.

  • Accept that the path will probably not look like what they expected.

  • Desire to discover their passions and what matters most to them.

  • Are ready to invest in themselves and commit to the process!

It is not for...

  • Those on the fence kind of wanting results.

  • People who are "too busy" or full of excuses.

  • People who want to continue on the path they're currently on.

  • People that don't want to see the value in themselves or challenge what's possible.


What to expect

  • 4 days 3 nights at our all-inclusive retreat property.

  • Curated menu prepared by the retreat chef. 

  • Full access to the retreat grounds and amenities.

  • Daily movement-based practices.

  • In-person facilitation from Impact Initiative's founders.

  • A proprietary curriculum blending movement and mindset.

  • Leave with tactical tools that you can deploy in your life immediately. 

  • The chance to dive deep and be supported as you discover your passion and purpose.

  • Powerful shared experiences with other retreat guests.

  • The opportunity to change your life and begin making your impact in the world!  

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